Greg H. – Windsor, CO

This letter is given as a testimonial to the great service that you provide and the expertise that you clearly show in this awesome work that you do.  My computer has been so slow in recent times, along with all of the error messages, and being dropped off of the internet consistently.  You had several issues to look at and analyze the cause.  You included me in the process so that you could clearly understand the issues.  I really appreciate that personal approach in allowing me to be right there with you in the comfort of my own home.  Because of the age of my computer and the complexity of the problems, you could not fix everything in three hours.  It was such a relief to know that three hours is the maximum time for which you would charge me; you made that clear right up front to relieve anxiety about the cost.  You graciously took my computer with you and did the remaining repairs at your site.  I am so impressed that you did all of this for under $200!  You also explained the health of my computer by showing me the readings your devices were revealing.  This gave me more confidence in spending money on repairs.  As a result of your wonderful service, my computer works like it did when it was new, even though it is over 10 years old.  I also greatly appreciate your courtesy when coming into our home and volunteering to take off your shoes so that you would not track on the carpet.  This may seem like a little thing but it speaks volumes to your approach with your clients.

I also want to express how much I appreciate you as an individual and a fellow BNI member.  Your attitude, leadership, and actions all clearly reveal your Givers-Gain spirit.  It is evident that you really do want to see fellow BNI members succeed in their businesses.

Thank you for all of the support that you have given to me, personally.