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Recently, I had the pleasure of using your services once again.  I feel the need to express my appreciation for the time and attention you have given me and my family multiple times now. My most recent service was outstanding for a number of reasons.  I feel that I am probably like most other clients …

Michelle P. – Fort Collins, CO

You pro (All in One – System Rescue Toolkit / Lite)

William W. – Scotland

simplemente muy útil. Lo recomiendo muchísimo. Cumple con lo que promete en una medida justa y además…es gratis. ¿Qué más podemos desear? (All in One – System Rescue Toolkit / Lite)

Milagros – Uruguay

Paul was a great computer technician and despited the title of the company was able to help me with my Mac laptop. He knew things to check on my hard drive to help it run faster. Also pointed out somethings I didn’t notice like the fan running loudly. He showed me how to alter settings …

Jessica K. – Northern CO

It is with great pleasure that I submit this testimonial for Paul Vreeland and FasTeks Computer Services. Years ago, I thought I was so smart when I purchased an external hard drive for my computer on which I could store all my pictures and important documents.  through time, though, the technology got old and the …

Tracy C. – Johnstown, CO

You did a great job calibrating my surround sounds. They both sound fantastic! Wow, it’s hard to imagine how much difference your technical prowess could make. I have heard it first hand for myself. What a wonderful difference you have made to my living space.

Barry S. – Loveland, CO

Thank you so much for the much needed AIO-SRT….. HAD lost laptop due to pass word not remembered and your application was the best to accomplish me getting my laptop back……  (All in One – System Rescue Toolkit / Lite)

David Escobar – Brooklyn, NY

I am very happy with the service provided. It is comforting to know that I can go to someone who is not only technically savvy about my PC but also someone who is trustworthy. I have and will recommend Paul to my friends and associates.

John M. – Fort Collins, CO