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Best solution when something goes wrong! (All in One – System Rescue Toolkit / Lite)

Egnaldo H. – Brazil

It was hard for us make that first call to have a computer guy come out, We finally did, and found the stresses of computer problems weigh far more than the money and time spent trying to fix it ourselves. I’m way more productive with things like this off my plate. I’m obviously a big …

RuthAnn H. – Northern CO

This letter is given as a testimonial to the great service that you provide and the expertise that you clearly show in this awesome work that you do.  My computer has been so slow in recent times, along with all of the error messages, and being dropped off of the internet consistently.  You had several …

Greg H. – Windsor, CO

I would highly recommend using Non-profit Computer Services. Paul was able to quickly solve several PC problems that I attempted to address. Required replacement of the motherboard since the soundcard was integrated into it. He was very willing to help me with other questions I had, in addition to the PC repairs that were required. …

Howard B. – Loveland, CO

Thank you for doing a great job in listening to our IT-related concerns with our 5 month-old business.  One of the things that I knew we needed guidance on was implementing a backup system for our growing amount of customer data, large graphics files, and financial data. The Fast-Teks team first visited our location and …

Bruce G. – Fort Collins, CO

Paul called before he arrived and was on time for our appointment. He was awesome; polite, helpful and quick. I would recommend this service to anyone with computer problems or just for an annual checkup.

Lynne W. – Northern CO

Recently, I had the pleasure of using your services once again.  I feel the need to express my appreciation for the time and attention you have given me and my family multiple times now. My most recent service was outstanding for a number of reasons.  I feel that I am probably like most other clients …

Michelle P. – Fort Collins, CO

Very usefull (All in One – System Rescue Toolkit / Lite)

Royer – Belgium