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Because of past experiences, I was in search of someone who was knowledgeable and honest. I have found that in Paul. He has done amazing things with my computer to clean and speed it up. Being unemployed makes it very difficult to put out lots of money on huge unneeded computer repairs. Thanks to Paul, …

Christy R. – Fort Collins, CO

Disculpa, no hablo ingles, solo entiendo un poco lenguaje computadora. Soy aficionado técnico PCs, Video, Sonido, TV, Electrónica de coches, Zapatero Artesano a mano, Barman y alguna cosa mas y no quiero aburrirte. Soy Español, el único idioma que hablo, pero no como Cervantes mas bien como hablan en la calle pero educado. E s …

Kamaleopardo – La Rioja, Spain

It was hard for us make that first call to have a computer guy come out, We finally did, and found the stresses of computer problems weigh far more than the money and time spent trying to fix it ourselves. I’m way more productive with things like this off my plate. I’m obviously a big …

RuthAnn H. – Northern CO

You did a great job calibrating my surround sounds. They both sound fantastic! Wow, it’s hard to imagine how much difference your technical prowess could make. I have heard it first hand for myself. What a wonderful difference you have made to my living space.

Barry S. – Loveland, CO

I discovered your tools after reading the recent lifehacker article which highlights most of interesting aspects. And I used the lite AiO version with my girl, who had an easy due to a malware. And I can assess it’s a no-tekie tool because she’s not geek as me and succeeded into solve her issue (a …

Bruno S. – France

Keep up the awesome work, I’ve been in IT for my entire life so far and your product is clean and simple. Makes troubleshooting and other aspects so much easier and more efficient.  (All in One – System Rescue Toolkit / Lite)

Kyle D.

Hi Paul I just tried your rescue system and the Windows part is really amazing. Just cleaned an infected pc (a friend of mine) ad found a couple of dirty things even in my pc….

Marco – Italy

Incredible useful tool.  (All in One – System Rescue Toolkit / Lite)

Harold James Carlson – USA