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I would highly recommend using Non-profit Computer Services. Paul was able to quickly solve several PC problems that I attempted to address. Required replacement of the motherboard since the soundcard was integrated into it. He was very willing to help me with other questions I had, in addition to the PC repairs that were required. …

Howard B. – Loveland, CO

Absolutely brilliant work. Fast, easy to use, never fails, yet has so much built in functionality you rarely need anything else. This has become our go-to toolkit for daily tech work.

Brad K. – Sydney, Australia

Many thanks to Paul V. from Fast Techs computer repair service.  I turned to Paul last week with a computer issue and put my trusted laptop in his hands.  Not only did Paul fix the log on issues he also tuned my laptop up to “Paul awesome” speed.  Paul also hand delivered it to me …

Mike B. – Windsor, CO

Very usefull (All in One – System Rescue Toolkit / Lite)

Royer – Belgium

I am very happy with the service provided. It is comforting to know that I can go to someone who is not only technically savvy about my PC but also someone who is trustworthy. I have and will recommend Paul to my friends and associates.

John M. – Fort Collins, CO

I figured i’d message you to say, awesome job on both toolkits. I started my IT Systems Administrator course in college and the full technician toolkit is such a big help. Not only for me but also other people I know who have computer problems. Again i’d like to say good job and thank you …

Mathew P. – Canada

Wonderfoul tool, very profetional kit  (All in One – System Rescue Toolkit / Lite)

Sergio B. – Sweden

Paul called before he arrived and was on time for our appointment. He was awesome; polite, helpful and quick. I would recommend this service to anyone with computer problems or just for an annual checkup.

Lynne W. – Northern CO