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It is with great pleasure that I submit this testimonial for Paul Vreeland and FasTeks Computer Services. Years ago, I thought I was so smart when I purchased an external hard drive for my computer on which I could store all my pictures and important documents.  through time, though, the technology got old and the …

Tracy C. – Johnstown, CO

Paul was a great computer technician and despited the title of the company was able to help me with my Mac laptop. He knew things to check on my hard drive to help it run faster. Also pointed out somethings I didn’t notice like the fan running loudly. He showed me how to alter settings …

Jessica K. – Northern CO

Ok listen… I love your tool kit. It has provided me great insight as to how to be a better technician and allowed me to enhance my career and turn around time exponentially. One thing I would recommend is from a business standpoint having a diagnostics only setting. One that doesn’t automatically run the fixes. …

Rodney M. – Green Bay, WI

simplemente muy útil. Lo recomiendo muchísimo. Cumple con lo que promete en una medida justa y además…es gratis. ¿Qué más podemos desear? (All in One – System Rescue Toolkit / Lite)

Milagros – Uruguay

I would highly recommend using Non-profit Computer Services. Paul was able to quickly solve several PC problems that I attempted to address. Required replacement of the motherboard since the soundcard was integrated into it. He was very willing to help me with other questions I had, in addition to the PC repairs that were required. …

Howard B. – Loveland, CO

I figured i’d message you to say, awesome job on both toolkits. I started my IT Systems Administrator course in college and the full technician toolkit is such a big help. Not only for me but also other people I know who have computer problems. Again i’d like to say good job and thank you …

Mathew P. – Canada

THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!! This program is a must have to fix problems you may no even know you have.  (All in One – System Rescue Toolkit / Lite)

Dwight M. – Lantana, FL

el kit hace mucho tiempo que lo uso y es muy bueno system rescue toolkit (All in One – System Rescue Toolkit / Lite)

Fernando G. – Mostoles, España