USB Flash booting and MBR vs GPT

I have had a few people contact me with issues regarding building All in One – System Rescue Toolkit flash drives over the last few years. Yesterday, I was messing around with a MacBook at work, and recently I found out the following:

  • FAT32, required for EFI booting, has a 32 GB limit when formatting flash drives using Windows.
  • If you re-use flash drives for multiple purposes, your flash drive may be left formatted with GPT partition scheme. You will need to use diskpart or similar utility to format to MBR for EFI booting of my toolkit.
  • The official toolkit USBs are built using new flash drives < 32 GB. Most manufacturer’s have been providing MBR partition scheme USB drives.

If you’ve had trouble building flash drives with older versions of my toolkit, this should help. I will look into workarounds in the upcoming versions.

Internet/ISP Maintenance

Hey Folks,

My ISP is having some backbone maintenance done this week.  It may be a rocky road trying to get access to my site until next week.

New CD Printer

When I first started out with this project, I bought a bunch of Lightscribe discs to supply folks that ordered a disc from me.  At the time, I didn’t have a way to print direct to discs other than Lightscribe.  By the way, if you ever plan on printing disc labels, use direct print to disc such as Lightscribe or a CD printer, not sticky labels. Continue reading “New CD Printer”

Custom Branded All in One – System Rescue Toolkit?

I have had several requests over the years and have recently been toying with the idea to offer a branded version of the toolkit at a premium price.  Some tech shops out there want to display their own logos and branding on software they use.  The desktop link that drops to the desktop could drop a company’s website link instead of my website link, for example. Continue reading “Custom Branded All in One – System Rescue Toolkit?”

Do you use MalwareBytes Premium? I need your help!

UPDATE:  I have been informed by many of you that MalwareBytes is no longer blocking my website.  Thank you all for your support!

Here’s the scoop.

My toolkit website is being detected by some folks using MalwareBytes Premium as a malicious website.  I am not sure what I did to get blacklisted by MalwareBytes, but I believe it is through a false positive detection.  The link for “false positive” takes you directly to the MalwareBytes page explaining what a false positive is.

Continue reading “Do you use MalwareBytes Premium? I need your help!”