Flower Sticks

Welcome to my flower stick page. I make flower sticks that are hand crafted from rubber and wood and sell them for $20 per set. Use the flower stick styler below to design your own set! (Requires JavaScript enabled.)

Primary Color OverlaySecondary Color OverlayFlower Sticks
Color Selector
Primary Secondary
Black Black
Red Red
Orange Orange
Yellow Yellow
Green Green
Blue Blue
Violet Violet
White White
$20 per set + S & H

What are flower sticks?

Flower sticks are a type of devil sticks (also known as twiddle sticks or juggling sticks) that are part of the juggling circus arts. To juggle devil sticks requires keen eye hand coordination, balance, reflexes, and timing. There are no tricks, strings or magnets involved. Gravity and centripetal force are the only external forces involved in juggling devil sticks.

You can read more about devil sticking on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devil_sticks


Here are some videos I created that demonstrate how to use devil/flower sticks.