Automatically fix your PC? People seem to want it!

A huge THANK YOU (again) to LifeHacker Editor-in-Chief, Alan Henry, for posting about the new Lite Version my toolkit.  See the new LifeHacker article here.  This new one is made for non-techies to be able to fix their computer automatically.  Also thank you to Front Range Internet, Inc. for being willing to setup additional monitoring on my server and tell me when it was having problems.

Luckily, my entire server was not completely crashing this time and only the website was stalling due to the high traffic from publicity.  It seems to have settled down a bit now and my site is just a little slow instead of completely overwhelmed.

In 2 days, LifeHacker has more views on the new article than the original toolkit article had in 5 months!  It seems to have made traction in other places as well already:  Omicrono (Spanish), (French), MuyComputer (Spanish), Playtech (Romanian), CHIP Online (Turkish).

All in One – System Rescue Toolkit Lite is spreading very quickly!  I guess people want to be empowered to attempt to fix problems with their computer on their own.  I hope that everyone that is downloading it is getting some positive results or at least a great starting point to resolving their PC issues before having to call a technician.

Keep spreading the word!

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  1. Pretty crazy huh! Shows you how powerful the big traffic sites are, call it the ‘Oprah’ effect 🙂
    Good luck with all your endeavours Paul, on and offline, it’s nice to see someone trying to make the world a better place, something sorely needed these days…

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