Red Cross Charity Drive

There’s lots of disasters in the news lately from fires and floods to hurricanes, so I decided I could use my toolkit project to help the relief efforts.  Here is how you can help me help those in need of disaster relief.

For the month of September, I will be donating 50% of contributions received for the All in One – System Rescue Toolkit project towards the American Red Cross.  I would love to adjust that percentage higher, depending on how many contributions are received.  50% is a good start for me to keep the toolkit project’s bills paid.

Any contributions that are already in for the month of September will go towards this fundraiser as well.  I will be crediting everyone at the end of my fundraising drive.  You can use the options below to donate to my project:



If you want to directly support the American Red Cross without going through me, you can use the link below:

American Red Cross

If you prefer to support the International Committee of the Red Cross for worldwide disaster relief, you can use this link below:

International Committee of the Red Cross



One Reply to “Red Cross Charity Drive”

  1. Thank you to all who contributed during this fundraising drive for the American Red Cross:

    Santos Gonzalez
    Maurizio Carletti
    Gary Stonebarger
    Ernesto Dominguez
    Juan Antonio Ruiz Arroyo
    Leonardo Becerra Chavez
    Carla Manska
    Alex Noble
    Moses Zarate
    Eddie Henry
    Clark Smith
    Ezequiel Gonzalo Arias

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