Custom Branded All in One – System Rescue Toolkit?

I have had several requests over the years and have recently been toying with the idea to offer a branded version of the toolkit at a premium price.  Some tech shops out there want to display their own logos and branding on software they use.  The desktop link that drops to the desktop could drop a company’s website link instead of my website link, for example.

Let me clarify up front,  there are no plans to cripple or otherwise change the free version of the All in One – System Rescue Toolkit.  The toolkit was and always shall remain a free to use, distribute, modify, etc toolkit under the MIT license.  However, with the free version comes all of the steps I have implemented to keep myself credited with creating, maintaining and distributing the software.  In fact, I prefer distribution of my own branding and steps to keep my name and toolkit out there, however some people don’t want that and would be willing to pay for my time to remove it.

I have not actually come up with a checklist that a premium/branded version would have but here are some starter ideas:

  • Modify desktop link drop to your own business’ website (or no link at all)
  • Possible simple password protection to run the toolkit
  • Background image in LiveCD version would be your own wallpaper/logo
  • Splash screen in Autorun would be your own logo
  • Credits (“All in One – System Rescue Toolkit is brought to you by…”) would have your logo instead of the public credits
  • Desktop background info would have your company’s website link and information for both LiveCD and Autorun
  • Limited support to get you started using all of the toolkit’s features

Let me know what you think in the thread comments.  Do you run an IT shop or MSP and would like to have a branded version of a toolkit?

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  1. Hm these posts are all from 2018 but I would also be interester in a branded version depending on the price. I am starting up a side business doing this and itd be nice to have my comoany name on it.

  2. Hi Paul,
    We’re a small custom PC builder, would be interested in this idea of a branded SRT.
    Get back to us to discuss when convenient.
    Thank you.

  3. Paul,
    I use different ‘rescue’, fix it, un screw it, “I didn’t do it”, etc., on diffrerent jump drives. I am not a professional, no computer school, tech school or other than the hard way school. I have been using computers and the internet since 1978. Navy Air Traffic Controller. My first personal computer was a DEC, 2 51/2 floppy antiques. I usually build my own computers out of what I am forced to buy, or what I can find and ‘Frankenstein’ together. I am NOT a MS fan, not wild about google either. I fix mostly veterans computers for free. (A lot more than before, Q4 OS sometime saves a totally broke Veteran to be able to use a 14 yr old computer) I appreciate your work, and use your tool-kit often.

  4. Hi Paul
    I am an “enthusiastic amateur geek” of around 15 years experience who supports the IT needs of a large group of relatives friends and villagers etc ( a large potion of whom are like me a bit long in the tooth) and I would be very interested in your Custom all in one system rescue kit.

    Good luck with it.
    Please keep me posted
    Best Regards

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