2019 pre-update feedback wanted

Hello Everyone,

Please use the public comment system for this post rather than direct email or direct messaging. I am curious which features are most wanted by the community for the 2019 update of my All in One – System Rescue Toolkit.

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9 Replies to “2019 pre-update feedback wanted”

  1. I would love the addition of more features, Personally I would love the addition of an WinPE environment, as WinPE can just play with other windows operating systems better than linux can, though I know that could wind up being an incredible amount of work

  2. Currently, I am seeing more folks want updated utilities. Which areas or utilities specifically (Windows Autorun/LiveCD/other)? How are you running the toolkit (USB/CD/other)?

    A variant of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is the planned update version of the live environment with applicable tools pre-loaded at build time. Also, some level of branding is planned.

    I generally do an update pass to all the third party tools, but “update-able” can become a difficult cat & mouse chase for a solo developer working during my off-work time. Quality control and support requests on my end can go off the rails as people break their toolkits.

  3. Hi, Exelent tool : )

    I find it lacks odd things, malware bytes, rogue killer, spybot, easybcd and adwcleaner which at present I use easybbot and other options to gain access too, also please could we have a stress section, not the huge ones just the little useful ones, heavyload, Furmark, prime95 and dead pixel buddy (DPB)

    also maybe trueimage, hard disk sentinal and say WD and seagate, fujitsu and samsung HDD repair tools

    All these tools I use everyday in my work enviroment as a Dell remanafactor and a Shop based trouble shooter and AIO SRT has become a extreemely useful addition

    Thank you for all your work

    1. Thank you for the kind words.

      As my goal is to provide a toolkit that can legally be used by paid professionals, many of the EULAs in the tools you mention do not allow commercial use or distribution rights.

      Unfortunately, there just isn’t any real budget for this free project to lay the paid and legal groundwork for securing licensing for those kinds of tools.

  4. Hi Everyone
    I agree with Fellpe. Having fully functional and updated (updatable tools) is far better than a massive amount of out of date, tools that cant be updated.

  5. Hi, I belive that it’s better few useful and updated utilities than a lot of deprecated tools.

    (sorry my English, it isn’t my native language)

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