2019 Year End from AiO-SRT

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all from the All in One – System Rescue Toolkit project!

We’re coming up on the end of 2019 and it has been a crazy few months. We have physically moved to a new place. I am having to take someone to court over an agreement dispute. Plus all the other normal holiday and end of year extras.

I know I have hyped up the next release of my toolkit and wanted to give you all some insight into the next update progress. It will just be some time before the next release is feature complete and fully tested with everything else going on.


  • Live Environment
    • Update to Lubuntu 18.04
    • nvme-cli integration
    • Baobab default view changed to “box” style
    • Updated conky profile
  • Windows Autorun
    • Removed
      • WinCDEmu
      • Microsoft Security Essentials
      • MSSE Removal Tool Link
      • ProduKey
      • Homedale
      • lbreakout2 game
      • WinDirStat
      • QtWeb browser
    • Added
      • Auditable Powershell scripts replace most built-in tasks
      • WiFiInfoView
      • powdertoy game
      • spacesniffer
      • Midori browser
    • Updated
      • DesktopInfo profile
      • AV Removal tool links
      • WhoisCL
      • DontSleep
      • Rufus
      • Putty
      • Prime95
      • HWMonitor
      • gsmartcontrol
      • Universal AVRemover
      • ClamWinPortable
      • IsMyLcdOK
      • testdisk / photorec
      • Norton Power Eraser
      • Eicar Antivirus Test File link
      • 7-zip
      • ZenMap
      • FreeCommanderXE
  • Bugfixes
    • Autorun: Fixed credits loading delay
    • Autorun: Reload SystemInfo after language change
    • Autorun: Update Windows title bar after language change

To Do

  • autoFIX updates, more automation
  • Toolkit branding options
  • Update translations
  • Shrink ISO image size

Other New Things

  • Live stream coding sessions with Q&A – Come hang out and ask questions about the toolkit or anything really. Maybe you just want to see how stuff like this is built and lurk in the shadows.
  • Discord Server(link) – I set this up and we have had dozens of people pop in, not much chatting, but I’ll see how this can be integrated into the community more after the next release.

5 Replies to “2019 Year End from AiO-SRT”

  1. I noticed you didn’t mention Clonezilla in this update (my apologies for posting so late, actually). Did you happen to update it and/or figure out the bug relating to the inability to encrypt a backup?

    Hope your new year’s off to a great start!

  2. Hi Paul, thank you for your continuous work!

    I have a question regarding components you removed (I really like WinDirStat), did you replaced functions of those packages by new additions or you just decided they are no longer useful?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you!

      Each component removed was replaced with a counterpart except Microsoft Security Essentials.

      The WinDirStat replacement is spacesniffer. It gives a live updating view with a similar segmented box style view. It also has other features I liked which I forget at the moment.

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