Subscribed Emails Fixed

Hello Everyone!

The plugin that I use to manage emailing list from my website somehow dumped everyone from the main mailing list. Unfortunately, I do not know who was subscribed or unsubscribed due to the error or how long ago the error occurred. If you are receiving this subscribed email in error, please unsubscribe again.

For the rest of you, an update was posted regarding the All in One – System Rescue Toolkit which can be found here:

Server Physical Move

Hello All! The server will be physically moving at the beginning of November and there will be a planned outage lasting approximately 1-2 days.

See you on the other side!

USB Flash booting and MBR vs GPT

I have had a few people contact me with issues regarding building All in One – System Rescue Toolkit flash drives over the last few years. Yesterday, I was messing around with a MacBook at work, and recently I found out the following:

  • FAT32, required for EFI booting, has a 32 GB limit when formatting flash drives using Windows.
  • If you re-use flash drives for multiple purposes, your flash drive may be left formatted with GPT partition scheme. You will need to use diskpart or similar utility to format to MBR for EFI booting of my toolkit.
  • The official toolkit USBs are built using new flash drives < 32 GB. Most manufacturer’s have been providing MBR partition scheme USB drives.

If you’ve had trouble building flash drives with older versions of my toolkit, this should help. I will look into workarounds in the upcoming versions.

2019 pre-update feedback wanted

Hello Everyone,

Please use the public comment system for this post rather than direct email or direct messaging. I am curious which features are most wanted by the community for the 2019 update of my All in One – System Rescue Toolkit.

Email readers, you may need to visit the website to cast your vote in the following poll:

Which areas of improvement are wanted most by the All in One - System Rescue Toolkit community?

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Comments are also welcome on this post.

Internet/ISP Maintenance

Hey Folks,

My ISP is having some backbone maintenance done this week.  It may be a rocky road trying to get access to my site until next week.