Andrew A. – Johnstown, CO

I am writing this letter to express my appreciation of Fast-Teks and specifically Paul Vreeland.  As far as technicians go, Paul has an outstanding skill set.  That’s not what impressed me.  I have several hobbies that require the use of my laptop computer.  I spot violent storms and tornadoes, and I provide extended disaster relief for when these storms get out of control.  I also chase and recover weather balloons for the National Weather Service and other agencies.  Having my computer ready to go and working properly is a battle every spring.  It’s critical for my own safety and the safety of others who do what I do to make sure I’ve thoroughly tested my equipment well in advance of the season.  This is a process I go through each year starting in December to give myself time enough to work out the kinks.  Paul accomplished this in a little over an hour.  That’s still not what sets him apart from others I’ve had assist me.  I use this computer for many functions and I use it mobile connected to several pieces of equipment in my vehicle.  Paul took the time, after he had the basic setup done to listen and learn exactly how I use the computer and then spent the time needed to test and work out the kinks.  Trust me, this takes a lot of patience.  He even rode around with me while we checked to make sure everything was up and running.  This process usually takes most of the winter and I usually have a few bugs to work out on the fly each year in the field.  Asking for Paul’s assistance has me ready to go already.  His ability to ask the right questions and listen closely to the answers is what makes him excellent at what he does.  His attention to detail allows me to do what I do safely.  Thank you Paul.