2017 Upcoming changes and toolkit giveaway!

Almost 1 year ago today, I released my All in One – System Rescue Toolkit to the public and a fantastic review soon followed on LifeHacker.  In the last year, and hundreds of thousands of downloads later, many more articles have been published on tech websites and blogs worldwide.

I have decided to celebrate the last year of my toolkit’s success with a giveaway.

Upcoming Changes

I am excited to announce that I am close to a new 2017 version of the toolkit!  The new 2017 version is now in the works and I can’t wait to see how everyone likes it.  Here are a few “under the hood” changes:

  • NO MORE WALLPAPER CHANGE!  This one has left me stuck on a few PCs when someone uses a rotating wallpaper theme and my toolkit changes the wallpaper.  I am glad to have found a suitable replacement for the background information.
  • Lubuntu LiveCD base instead of Ubuntu.  Upgrading to a 2017 Lubuntu platform to support more hardware and more modern softwares.  Also Lubuntu is a much smaller, lightweight, and faster LiveCD environment.  Sorry for those supporting aging 32 bit processor environments, this will still be 64 bit UEFI platform support due to my Apple hardware and UEFI support requirements in my field service work.  The Windows autorun will still be thoroughly tested to work with 32 and 64 bit environments.
  • Virus scanning from the LiveCD environment.  I very rarely use bootable CD virus scanning, but there are many techs out there that have asked for it, so I will be including a virus scanner in the bootable LiveCD environment.
  • Depending on my available resources, I will look into some basic internationalization.  This might be as simple as allowing USB creation on non-English platforms or as advanced as full translations available for some common languages.
  • Bugfixes and several software changes.  I will include the software changes and bugfixes in an official changelog.


Funding for this project is limited, so I can’t giveaway anything fantastical.  I have decided to offer a review/testimonial contest.  My favorite review(s) will receive your choice of a CD or USB copy of the 2017 version once it is complete.  If there are enough reviews, I will giveaway 3 CD/USBs.

Have a few minutes to write a review for my All in One – System Rescue Toolkit?  Click the link below to review my toolkit and enter to win the giveaway (make sure you include your email address):


Please use your native language for the review as my website already has translation tools built-in due to international popularity.

Thank You!

Thank you for subscribing and supporting this project.  Spread the word and please consider donating to the project if you haven’t already.  Every little bit helps me offset hosting and development costs to keep this project free for everyone!

3 Replies to “2017 Upcoming changes and toolkit giveaway!”

  1. Hi Paul,

    I just discovered your toolkit and find it very helpful since it has a linux live cd and a windows toolkit!
    I understand you can do a windows diagnostic if windows can boot. But what if I can’t boot into it? Is there something else I shall use to perform an offline diagnostic? If so, what do you recommend?

    Thanks a lot for your hard work
    Kind regards

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