Volunteers Wanted to Translate 2018 Toolkit Version

With the upcoming 2018 version of my All in One – System Rescue Toolkit, I would like to finally have some multi-lingual options.  This thing has gone worldwide and I have read lots of comments out there on forums asking for translated versions.

At this point, I am just collecting a list of people that are willing to help translate.  Once I have some more concrete materials to give out, I will use the collected list of volunteers to send out the materials for translation.

I will add translators to the list of public credits if they want to be credited.  I will also accept volunteers even if the language is already on the list of languages below with volunteers.

Language Teasers (not actually translated yet)

How to volunteer as a translator:

  • Choose your language from this list of detectable operating system languages: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa912040
  • Reply to the email, or submit feedback on my website, with the “Language Identifier”, “Language” and “Sublanguage – locale” from the link above.  For example, I would use: 0x0409 English United States
  • Stand by until I have some materials ready to submit to translators.  (It may take up to 3 months before I have the materials ready to translate.)
  • Also, let me know if you want to be publicly credited.

These languages currently have volunteers: (updated on website)

  • nl / Dutch / Nederlands
  • fr / French / Français
  • de / German / Deutsch
  • es / Spanish / Español

For the rest of you, here are some planned upcoming features for my 2018 toolkit hype train:

  • Translated toolkit versions
  • System Restore before making changes
  • Secure erase/wipe utilities (nwipe/dban/etc)
  • File integrity check for Windows Autorun (make sure core files have not been altered by viruses on USB, etc)
  • Custom applications tab (add your own tools)
  • Updated core applications
  • Credits will be shown in Technician / Lite versions on desktops worldwide (I want this to NOT be annoying or spammy, but really want to thank those that support the project as much as I can)
  • Bugfixes

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